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Compliance Specialty International Assoc., LLC
(CSIA) – “Your first step to the world”
Bend, Oregon USA
    Meet regulatory requirements in other countries:
  • South America
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Mexico
  • The Caribbean
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              Patrice McFadden
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  • A2LA Accredited Product Testing Laboratory
  • ISTA Certified Laboratory
  • Laboratory and Vacuum Ovens
  • Vibration Testing Lab
  • IP Testing
  • Sand & Dust Testing
  • UV Exposure Testing



Datest is an ISO9001- and AS9100-certified provider of advanced, integrated PCBA testing and inspection services, serving the CM/EMS as well as the OEM community since 1984.
  • We offer in-circuit testing (ICT) and test development (hardware and software) for all major ICT platforms (Agilent 3070, GenRad, and Teradyne).
  • We augment ICT with SPEA Flying Probe testing, Agilent 5DX and Goepel Opticon X-Line 3D AXI inspection services, Dage Ruby 2D X-ray with X-Plane Technology, benchtop boundary scan, and functional testing.
  • Datest features a wide variety of testing, engineering, training, and value-added services, all geared to speed and flexibility. Combining the right test platforms with tailored services enables Datest to design a unique, efficient, integrated test solution that is appropriate for each client's needs and budget.
Datest is the first test services company in the United States to fully integrate the latest SPEA 4060 double-sided flying probe tester with the latest Goepel boundary scan tools. This integration provides crucial benefits, such as increased digital test and fault coverage as well as significant time savings using automatic diagnostics. Combining advanced test platforms (flying probe, X-ray, boundary scan and ICT) with 28 years' experience, Datest delivers superior value-added services.


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