CA - Competent Authority. A body, empowered by a Member State of the European Union that is responsible for implementing and enforcing directives. The CA monitors and audits Notified Bodies.

CB - Certification Body

CB Scheme - A regulated system of the IECEE for Mutual Recognition of Test Certificates for Electrical Equipment. The CB Scheme, established by the IECEE, consist of an international network made up of product certification organizations. The CB Scheme provides a means for exchange and acceptance of product safety test results among participating laboratories and certification organizations in more than 40 countries around the world. Only products covered by IEC Standards and accepted in the IECEE System are covered by the CB Scheme. Go to top of page

CE - The French phrase "Conformité Européenne". The CE marking is a self declaration by a manufacturer that a product complies with essential requirements of the applicable Directive(s) after performing required evaluation, testing and preparation of documentation. The CE marking allows the product to be freely marketed in the European Economic Area. Not all European Directives allow a manufacturer to self-declare.

CSA - Canadian Standards Association Go to top of page

EN - European Norm

EU - European Union. The European Member States when they are acting as a single entity in matters of foreign, economic, and security policy. Go to top of page

IEC - International Electro technical Commission. The IEC prepares and publishes international standards for electrical, electronic and related technologies.

IECEE - Worldwide System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrical Equipment Go to top of page

ITE - Information Technology Equipment

NB - Notified Body. An independent organization that has been accredited by an EU Member State’s Competent Authority for the purpose of evaluating products for compliance with safety standards or other regulator requirements. Go to top of page

NRTL - Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. A third-party safety testing and certification organization that is recognized by OSHA.

TÜV - Technischer Überwachungsverein (English translation: Technical Inspection Association), a NB. There are several independent TÜVs, some are also NRTLs. Go to top of page

UL - Underwriters Laboratory, a NRTL.

VDE - Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies, a NB. Go to top of page


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